logitech Pebble M350

Anyone who uses a laptop for professional purposes plugs in a wireless mouse to do its work fast. The seemingly limitless number of choices out there in the market make it hard to stand out from the crowd unless you have a special feature to tout, such as a Bluetooth connection or anything out of the box.

Logitech a well renowned name in computer additional accessories launched an out of the box mouse named Pebble M350. I know, the name somewhat sounds like a joke, but hey it actually has a meaning. The name Pebble resembles the stunning and elegant design of the mouse. Well, i know you might be thinking what’s special in this. So here you go-

The first feature which I like the most is that Logitech reduces the click sound by upto 90%. Yeah, you read it right, 90%! Even the wide rubber scroll wheel glides in silence. And we check it out and it is seriously Good! Kudos to Logitech for this. 

Secondly, I like its  dual-connectivity feature by which you can choose to connect through Bluetooth or the included Logitech USB receiver. Company claims that with its high-precision optical tracking, the Logitech Pebble M350 can work on almost every surface. And we checked out that and honestly it is more of a mix- bag.

The Pebble mouse M350 uses a single AA battery and the company claims an 18-month battery life with an auto-sleep feature that automatically puts the mouse into battery-saving mode when not in use. So that’s great. 

Final Verdict

Priced at INR 1995, the Pebble wireless mouse has been launched through an exclusive partnership with Croma and it will be available at Croma stores across India. The mouse is slim, portable yet feels nice in your hands. 

Available in three colors namely, Rose, Off-white and Graphite the mouse looks out of the market and innovative. Though a little reduction in price could make it more interesting.

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