Redmi Note 4 Launched in India..but the device is not available most of the time.


So today i am telling you how you can buy it…

make sure you can log in to your flipkart account 1 hour before the sale.

secondly when 2 minutes left in sale refresh the page and click on buy now ASAP.

When the device added to your cart you have you to the check out very fastly and choose any payment option which suits you.

And add your address before the sale so you acn but it easily..

Now enjoy and i am giving you the link make sure to buy from that…

Link-!TuuuN – grey 3/32gb

Link 2 – – gold 3/32gb

Link 3 – – gold 4/64gb

Link  4 – – grey 4/64gb

Love Saxena


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