Like all other things, there is undoubtedly an oversaturation of Sports apps, and app reviews sprayed all over the internet. But sometimes, only sometimes, you come across an app that literally is pure gold. Rooter, the unique sports social engagement platform, is just that app.
What makes it stand out the most at first sight is its unique concept, without any precedence the world over. An app that combines sports and social interaction and allows like-minded sports enthusiasts to connect in the real world and enjoy a game together, what more can sports fans ask for? But even if they do, Rooter is more than equipped to oblige.
It has a host of features that make it a very engaging, and entertaining platform. Right from the first click, the simple UI makes it extremely easy for a user to navigate the app. It currently enlists 7 sporting disciplines, ranging from F1 to Kabaddi, and covers each and every detail about them.
One of its most popular features is the live-match prediction game, which allows users to predict the results of a match or even specific incidents, for instance, whether a goalkeeper will make more than 3 saves or a player will score a century, before and during a game. If the predictions come true, then users win coins which can be redeemed for online gift vouchers. It ramps up the excitement quotient of a game manifold, while users stay glued to the app!
Furthermore, there are options of live chat forums, trivia, quizzes, contests, expert comments, stats and data insights, in short, the complete sports experience! The app has been created by focussing on the interactive parameter, thereby being entertaining even for an average sports enthusiast!
The app is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, and users need not provide any subscription to avail the features. It would suffice to say that with Rooter on your phone, sports and you are forever connected!




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